Trust Objectives

The spread and promotion of education or learning in all its branches including physical culture, in such manner as the trustees, may think it fit.

To distribute and/or provide boarding and clothing and outright grants to the poor and /or needy students

To subscribe, contribute and/or donate to any public fund or institutions established for the promotion of public charitable objects being solely for education.

To establish, promote institute, support, develop and/or encourage various institutions, social centers, art centers, funds, trusts, academies, universities, associations for the purpose of or in aid of in prosecution and promotion of all expression of arts, all branches of sciences including sociology (contemplative or applied), all technology, cultural centers and advancement of any other object of general public utility solely connected with education.

The promotion, encouragement, and advancement of physical education and training and/or physical efficiency of the members of the public.

To establish Trust or Trusts and/or appoint Trustees thereof from time to time and vest the funds and/or the surplus income and/or any property of the Trust in the Trustees who shall hold and deal with the funds or surplus income or property of the Trust in the fulfillment of the above-mentioned Charitable objects.

To promote and advance commercial, industrial and technical education, hold and conduct examinations and award diplomas, certificates, and prizes and to found and support establishments and institutions for such purposes.

To organize and establish branches or offices of the Trust in important centers of 1earning as also commerce whenever found necessary in the opinion of the Trustees and to make the necessary arrangements for conducting the activities of the Trust at such places for attaining aforesaid objects.

To pursue, implement and carry on following charitable objects as per Income Tax Act, 1961 and to apply and to use funds of Trust for the following objects:

To institute, finance, encourage, prosecute, develop and carry on, all kinds of scientific and economic research activities relating to trade, commerce, and industry.

To take up, consider and formulate ideas on subjects that are on the agenda of National and International educational organizations relating to trade, commerce, and industry.

To collect and disseminate statistical and other information securing the promotion of the objects of the Trust and to make efforts for the spread of commercial, industrial and economic knowledge.