Hostel information

  • Boy's Hostel: Shri Nathalal Virpar Shah Boys Hostel
  • Girl's Hostel: Smt. Jashodaben Nathalal Virpar Shah Girls Hostel
  • Capacity: 80 student's for each Hostel
  • Commencement Year: 2005-2006


Shri Oshwal Education Trust, Jamnagar is making a noteworthy contribution in the field of education. Apart from education, separate hostel facilities for Boys & Girls are available at reasonable rates for good and comfortable staying. Today both the Hostels have become a big tree of shelter for the boys & girls coming from distant and far off places.

The Trust which cares for education is always working hard to give the students a congenial environment for education. It is the prime intention of the management to give a better environment to students to enable them to learn and make progress in their careers.

If you are coming from other than Jamnagar city, there is an ample opportunity for you to make your stay comfortable during your study time. The total accommodation facility for Boys & Girls Hostels is 80 students in each hostel.


Centrally situated in the heart of the city

Bed Roll with Bed Sheet, Pillow, Pillow Cover etc

Tables and Chairs

Vehicle parking facilities

Uninterrupted hot water supply for the whole year

Cold water drinking facilities with aqua guard attached to it

Shoes Rack

Rectors are available for 24 hours

First Aid facility available

4 student in one room

Mosquito nets in all rooms and much more

Facility of Generator and inverters

Round the clock security arrangement